Ayo Premium Whitening Soap Introduction Feat

AYO Premium Whitening Soap Introduction

A tropical country like the Philippines is abundant of ingredients in creating an effective whitening soap. Why pay more for something ineffective just because it’s “imported”. Fruits and flowers in the Philippines are the main source of the world-renowned ingredients for skin care such as retinol, AHA, kojic acid, and etc. Even the most famous …

AVON Skin So Soft Glutathione Review 2018

After years of being flooded with glutathione products in the market, I’ve finally tried topical glutathione! I’ve only tried glutathione in capsule form. Today, I’ll let you know how AVON Skin So Soft Glutathione fare in the world of Skin Whitening Philippines. I got this line from my trusty mani-pedi queen/AVON lady, Yolly.

18 Pesos Blackheads Remover in the Philippines 2018

One of the grossest natural stuff humans grow is blackheads. It’s like growing a third nipple, unsightly and unnecessary. Blackheads grow back so fast and it’s not ideal to get a facial weekly and that’s why I’m writing a cheap blackheads remover in the Philippines article for you today. My dry skin is not immune …