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Affordable Moisturizer in Philippines: Nivea Creme

I think that as a Modern Filipina interested in Skin Care, this affordable moisturizer in Philippines is something that we’ve all seen…

Nivea Crème

affordable moisturizer in philippines nivea creme

The classic product contained in a Pia Wurtzbach blue round tin can is always present on top of our mothers’ dresser. Very archaic, hindi nakaka Modern Pinay. It’s so not FilipiNOW!

When the container is opened, an apparition of a thick alabaster cream with a very appealing and nakakavavaeng scent welcomes you. The scent of this cream makes you want to eat it like it’s Vanilla Froyo. When applied on the skin, it tells a different story…

It’s too sticky and leaves you an icky feeling.

I also tried using it as a moisturizer and left it overnight but it’s just too lagkitera and made my face feel very itchy. I won’t compromise a good night’s sleep just for beautification and besides, sleep is the most important activity that you can participate in to further nourish the health of your skin.

What does this affordable moisturizer in Philippines really do?

(according to their website)

  • Daily Face Care and it is suitable for all skin types – Hmmm? at the all skin types part. I think this is not suitable for all skin types.
  • Hand Cream – Well this is possible, I tried this and it worked well. Just don’t put too much of it.
  • Lip Cream – Just no, no no no and never. The scent is too strong that you’ll be able to taste flowers from your competitive housewife neighbor’s perfectly manicured lawn.
  • Eliminates redness on cheeks on the winter time – I don’t know about this part because I live in the Philippines. Maybe you can try and tell me about it?
  • Foot Mask – Yes, absolutely a ringing YES!
  • Nail Care Solution – Filipinow Seal of Approval given with no regrets.
  • Gentle Moisturizer – Just stick with the Johnson’s baby stuff.

The ingredients used in this product are so strong and my skin doesn’t work well with Mineral Oil and Alcohol which this moisturizing cream contains but why am I giving it a review?

Do I think it deserves to live in the recycling bin? Concise answer is No.

So Amanda, how do you recommend the use of this product? (me imagining you interviewing me #babaengbaliw)

I think it’s an amazing Makeup remover and hand & foot moisturizer. If you don’t have sensitive skin, I personally think that this can be a good face moisturizer as well. It’s also a very affordable moisturizer in Philippines that’s easily available in almost all malls and drugstores.

The price point is very strong too. If you have sensitive skin like mine, only put this on your face for 30 seconds tops and immediately wipe it off together with the gunk of the makeup you wore with a baby wipe and harass your face with a gentle face cleanser until the oil is gone.

From my experience, I didn’t break out with this yet because I don’t apply it for an extended amount of time on my very big but very soft face.

If you want to know the face moisturizer that I swear by, read my Skin Care Trinity HERE.




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